Hotmail Sign Up

Do you want sign up hotmail???


-For the Hotmail sign up page navigate your way to or simply follow Hotmail register

-You will need to fill in the required fields detailed below. Your first name and your surname will need to be entered in the first two boxes (will be labeled accordingly)
-This page will also require your date of birth, contact details and your address. Make sure you fill the contact details and put your mobile or home phone in the relevant boxes as if you loose or forget your details a call or text is the easiest recovery option.
-Your password is case sensitive so before you proceed make sure your caps lock is off, You will be required to input the password twice. Make a record of the password and store it on your computer just in case you forget in the future.

-You will also be asked for your date of birth, gender and location, all of which are required.

-In case you loose your password, or for some other reason cannot access your account, it is necessary to enter a ‘recovery’ method. This can be an alternative email address or a telephone number. This is the means by which Microsoft will send you a code to reset your password.

Click the blue Create Account button at the bottom to sign up.





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